a little about myself

I am creative professional with nine years of agency experience working in social media, web design and CRM. I studied graphic design and accounting (woah) and take my DSLR around NYC to capture our beautiful world.



For the first seven years of my career I was a hands-on designer, masterful in Photoshop. I tutor the program as a side job.

PumpkinCarving (1).gif


I have led teams as large as eight and helped designers and art directors create beautiful pieces for use across social media and other platforms.



I have been taking photos for well over 10 years and most recently have been interested in landscape photography. Beautiful colors, architecture and golden hours are what fill my Instagram feed.

work as a designer


These are original client pieces that I executed either in a Creative Cloud program or captured from behind a camera. This array is a mixture of still images, cinemagraphs, HTML emails, websites and campaign performance infographics.



work as a creative director


These are client pieces where I advised on strategy and creative direction, planned photoshoots and supervised retouching. This array is a mixture of stills, looping GIFs, short-form videos and Facebook canvas ads.



personal photography


These are shots I have taken over the past five years with my Nikon. I do all of my retouching in Photoshop and Lightroom. My goal is to bring out the natural beauty of the scene which our eyes saw, but the camera did not capture at first pass. The rest of my photos can be found on my Instagram.